Monday, November 16, 2015

Find Wild Alligator Lizards

Alligator lizards are found in the Pacific and Rocky Mountain regions of North America. They are abundant in areas of California, Oregon, Washington and the Rocky Mountain states. If you live in these areas, finding wild alligator lizards is easy if you know where to look. Just find a good lizard habitat and search the area, keeping your eyes out for these spectacular creatures. Alligator lizards also make great pets, but make sure to check local laws about keeping wild animals before you try to capture one.



1. Consult your field guide for characteristics of the alligator lizard. You can also find plenty of information and good photos online.

2. Determine the difference between northern and southern alligator lizards, the two species native to North America. The latter is extremely common in Southern California. The two species differ in color and size. The southern alligator lizard is usually larger, has small dashes on its scales and has yellow eyes. The northern lizard is smaller, has long lines on its scales and dark eyes.

3. Find a suitable alligator habitat or place where the lizards are said to inhabit. Alligator lizards usually live in grassland, open forest, chaparral or any sandy dry area. They are particularly common in foothill oak woodlands. Alligator lizards like to be near a body of water.

4. Search the area for lizards. Alligator lizards are commonly found hiding in the shade during the day. Look under rocks, inside logs and in the shade under bushes. They also bask in the sun during the day, so you might get lucky and spot one in the open.

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