Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Is The Difference Between Female Shitzus & Male Shitzus

Both male and female shih tzus make good pets.

The shih tzu , also known as shitzu, is a popular breed of lap dog originally bred in China. Known as the "lion dog" in many Asian countries, the shih tzu is easily identified by its short muzzle and flowing coat. Female and male shih tzus appear quite similar, although there are a number of ways to tell them apart.


Shih tzus are a breed with a rich history, with dogs resembling modern shih tzus dating back to the 17th century. Small dogs documented as "lion dogs," popular during the Chinese Qing Dynasty, were bred with early varieties of pug and Pekingese to produce the shih tzu we know today. Dowager Empress Cixi is one of the most influential breeders in history, with the bloodlines of most modern shih tzus tracing back to her kennel.


Male and female shih tzus share similar physical characteristics. Both genders have long, thick coats and small, upright muzzles that sit close to the eyes. However, male shih tzus are often larger in size then females, standing an average of 10 inches tall while females are shorter at an average of 8 inches. Female shih tzus tend to be more protective of their bedding and toys than males due to strong territorial preferences. Males tend to be more loving and spend more time cuddling with their owners then females do.


Over the years, shih tzus have been bred into to distinctive types. Show-lined shih tzus adhere closely to the breed standard. They are between 8 and 11 inches tall, weigh between 9 and 16 lbs., and have the full coats the breed is known for. Pet quality shih tzus are much more common and vary greatly from breed standard. Pet shih tzus are often larger than the standard allows and their thick coats are shaved down for easy grooming.


Female shih tzus cost more on average than males do. Females are in higher demand than males due to their ability to produce puppies. Pet quality females range from $500 to $700, with males in the $300 to $500 range. Show-lined shih tzus are more expensive since a good deal of money goes into training and showing them, with males averaging $1,000 and females costing upwards of $1,500.


Shih tzus of either gender make good pets due to the breed's steady temperament and loving nature, although the breed can be ill-mannered if not properly trained. Due to an extremely strong maternal instinct, female shih tzus should be observed closely around strangers during pregnancy and whelping. Male shih tzus have a tendency to urinate indoors as a way to mark their territory, a habit that can be minimized with frequent potty breaks.

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