Thursday, December 24, 2015

Different Activities For The Elderly

Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for seniors.

Encourage elders to stay active and engaged through various activities. All activities work well for both seniors living alone or in a care center. Tailor each activity based on health, available resources and physical and mental abilities. Create a calendar of activities each week or month to give seniors an event to look forward to and enjoy.


Gardening allows seniors the opportunity to do something productive while being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Planting flowers or vegetables provides tangible results and something they can look forward to seeing. Depending on the health and physical capabilities of the elder, create a small garden outside or use pots for an indoor herb garden. Allow the elder to select the items he wishes to plant. Once the vegetables or herbs are grown, help make a meal together using the fresh ingredients.

Pet Visits

Dog and cats are instant mood boosters for a lot of people, including the elderly who often have feelings of loneliness. If the elderly person or group is in good health and mobile, arrange a trip to a local animal shelter to spend time with the pets waiting for adoption. Most shelters welcome visitors interested in giving love and attention to the animals. If taking a trip is not an option, ask the shelter to bring a few animals to a residence or senior center.

Internet Learning

If the person or group is not familiar with using the Internet, arrange a class at a local library or offer the service yourself. All you need is a laptop or desktop and Internet connection. Ask them to prepare a list of questions they would like answered about different topics such as health, hobbies, food or entertainment. Take each person through the steps of using a search engine and email, as well as save and print selected information.

Pen Pals

Writing letters and sharing information with a new friend is an activity enjoyed by seniors living alone or in a care center. Organize a pen pal arrangement by calling an elderly care center in another town or state. If the person is not familiar with or able to use email, provide pens, paper, envelopes and stamps for exchanging letters. Encourage sharing information about different hobbies or make copies of photographs to exchange. Seniors benefit mentally and emotionally from this activity.

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