Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dwarf Bunny Diet

A dwarf bunny, which is also called a Netherlands dwarf, is a breed that will not grow heavier than 2 lbs. A dwarf bunny can live up to 7 years and produces smaller litters than regular-sized rabbits. Learning more about the right diet for a dwarf bunny can help you care for your own pet.


Rabbits are herbivores, meaning that they only eat plant matter. In the wild, they mostly eat grasses and leaves, supplementing this diet with fruit, flowers and vegetables when they can find them. A pet dwarf rabbit should be fed on high-quality timothy hay, rabbit pellets and a very small amount of fruits or vegetables.


The essential ingredients of your rabbit's food, the pellets and the hay, can be available at all times for your rabbit. But treats like vegetables and fruits should be given with care, as too much can make your rabbit quite ill. You can feed ½ cup of packed greens to a dwarf bunny that weighs 1 lb., while a 2 lb. Bunny can have a full cup. Similarly, a 1 lb. dwarf rabbit can have 1 tablespoon of fruit per day.

Time Frame

Dwarf rabbits are known for their sensitive digestive systems, and any change in foods should always be undertaken slowly. No matter what feature of their diet you are switching out, start feeding them less of the old food and start adding the new food over the space of several weeks.


Do not feed your dwarf bunny legumes, nuts or grains. These are not foods eaten by rabbits in the wild, and they can cause issues for your rabbit's digestive system. Similarly, do not feed your rabbit vegetables or fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides. Instead, feed her organic fruits and vegetables.


One way to make sure that your dwarf rabbit is eating well is to check its droppings. The dwarf rabbit's droppings should be round, plentiful and of a uniform shape and size. If you see no droppings, fewer than normal, or droppings that are misshapen, there may be something amiss with the animal's diet.

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