Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eye Problems In Old Dogs

A dog's eyesight worsens with age.

As dogs age, they go through many changes. Just like people, a dog's eyesight worsens with age. According to the website, the most obvious sign of aging in a dog is often seen in its eyes. It's important to know what to look for and what you can do for your older dog's eye problems.


According to the American Kennel Club, vision problems are common in older dogs. The American Kennel Club notes, your dog may have cloudy eyes if its vision is failing. According to the Old Dog Treats and Rawhide website, an inflamed inner eyelid is a symptom of another condition known as dry eye. According to Pet Education, an older dog may also develop an eye condition that does not affect its vision, such as sclerosis. Pet Education also notes, "In this condition, the lens of the eye appears cloudy, however, the dog can usually see quite well."

Eye Problems

There are several eye conditions that are common in older dogs, such as cataracts, glaucoma or keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye). Some eye problems, such as glaucoma may be painful. Pet Education recommends that you contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any sudden changes in vision or appearance as it could be an emergency.

What You Can Do

If your dog's vision starts to fail, accommodate the changes to make your dog's life easier. The Senior Dogs Project recommends not changing the location of furniture or clapping instead of calling your dog's name when it is no longer able to hear you.

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