Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bond With A Dog

Bond With a Dog

There's a reason dogs are considered man's best friend. They are forever loyal and their unconditional love seems to know no limit. So of course, bonding with a dog should just come naturally. And it does--but here are some ways to strengthen the bond--and not take your dog's love for granted.


1. Pet and stroke your dog whenever you have a moment and make time even if you don't. Dogs love to know that you feel the same way about them as they feel about you. Even if it's a quick pat on the head and a "good boy/girl," they'll appreciate the affirmation.

2. Talk to your dog often, in a pleasant and consistent tone. That's a great way to communicate. They might not understand every word, but will pick up on certain words that you use regularly and will definitely appreciate being spoken to.

3. Take your dog on regular outings. A nice long walk, a trip to the park or just a ride to the grocery store if weather permits. Dogs love walks, car rides and outings almost more than they love you.

4. Massage and/or brush your dog often. Massaging or brushing a dog is a good way to increase the bond. Not all dogs like all types of brushes or all massage techniques, so experiment and see what they respond to best.

5. Play with your dog. Nothing says "I love you" more than quality time and a one-on-one game of fetch or tug.

6. Feed your dog treats and an occasional dog-friendly table scrap. Treat them when they behave well, do a trick, or when you arrive home to find them patiently waiting. Treats are something dogs look forward to and come to expect. Although they love you unconditionally--they'll love you even more if you have treats.

7. Give your dog pet names. If you end up calling him by his real name only a small percentage of the time--chances are you've mastered the art of the goofy pet name. (And if you can compile a list tracing how each name evolved--well, then you might consider seeking professional help.)

8. Cuddle with your dog and if there's room in the bed, why not let her sleep with you? Snuggling up together is a sure way to increase the bond.

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