Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Charities That Provide Free Dog Food In Denver Colorado

Economic hardship not only affects people, but pets as well. Food banks exist for people who need assistance with groceries, and certain organizations also recognize the growing need for animal food. In the Denver area, there are organizations that offer free dog food for your four-legged friends. Each organization may have its own set of requirements to qualify for services.

PAWS Colorado

PAWS Colorado offers free food and help with veterinary services to clients in need. A list of qualifications on the PAWS website will help you determine if you qualify for assistance. PAWS Colorado also coordinates several fundraisers each year to help offset the cost of the services the group provides.

PAWS Colorado

P.O. Box 22531

Denver, CO 80222


Food Bank of the Rockies

Food Bank of the Rockies serves all of Colorado through various locations around the state. Classified as a food bank for people, the organization also offers help with pet food and other non-food items. You must ask for assistance with specific items during the hours of operation of your local food bank. The website lists locations and hours of operation.

Food Bank of the Rockies

10700 E. 45th Ave.

Denver, CO 80239


Max Fund

Started in 1988 because of a dog named Max, Max Fund provides pet supplies and veterinary services to low-income families, seniors and those with disabilities. The Max Fund offers pet food and other services to any person in need. You must call to request information about qualifying for the services.


1025 Galapago St.

Denver, CO 80204


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