Monday, November 2, 2015

Make A Cabbage Patch Doll Dress

Sewing a Cabbage Patch dress is easier than you might think.

Learning make a cabbage patch doll dress is easier than you may think. Many fabric stores sell dress patterns, and it is easy to create your own without a lot of effort. Below are step-by-step instructions for sewing a dress to help get you started.


Getting Started

1. Look for a pattern at your local fabric store or on the Internet. A standard Cabbage Patch kid is 15 inches, so if you can't find a specific Cabbage Patch pattern, go with a generic 15-inch doll pattern.

2. Choose which sort of fabric you would like to use. From cotton to satin, you can use almost anything. Decide what style of dress you want for your doll, and then find an appropriate print.

3. Measure out your fabric per the pattern's instructions, and cut. For many dresses, you can use the same pattern for the front and back, unless you are including a zipper or buttons on the back.

4. With your sewing machine (or needle and thread if you're hand-sewing), sew together the pieces per the pattern's instructions.

5. After the top is completed, try it on your Cabbage Patch kid to make sure it fits before adding the skirt portion. If the dress is one piece, baste the front and back together and try it on before sewing in the stitches.

6. Install any zipper or buttons you have, using a site such as to help you with the process. Finally, place the dress on your doll and hope for that perfect fit.

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