Monday, November 9, 2015

Be A Bronze Tamer In "Digimon World" For Ds

In "Digimon World DS," a role-playing game for the Nintendo DS, you play as a kid who is trapped in the Digital World. Instead of trying to get home, you befriend Digimon and fight battles with them. You start "Digimon World DS" as a normal-ranked Digimon tamer and can move up to Bronze as you progress through the Normal story of the game. In order to become a Bronze tamer, you have to defeat the boss at the end of the Normal trainer section.


1. Go to Data Forest and collect all of the chests. Defeat Goburimon in battle and you'll receive your Digimon farm to help train the Digimon you collect. Go visit your farm.

2. Return to the Data Forest to find Gabumon. He'll ask you to get something from Ogremon for him. Go deeper into the forest and try to pick up the item for Gabumon, surrounded in a blue circle, to start a boss fight. Make sure your Digimon are at least level 5. Use the frothy spit attack to defeat Ogremon.

3. Go to your farm and talk to Calumon. Complete the quest to retrieve his cake and return to your farm again. Black Agumon will be there and will insult your Digimon.

4. Climb to the top of the training peak and talk to Black Agumon to fight him. Use two to three rookie-ranked Digimon at level 11 or higher. Attack Black Agumon with the best moves your Digimon have. Defeat Black Agumon in battle and you will automatically become a Bronze trainer.

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