Monday, November 2, 2015

Cage A Pet Squirrel

Squirrels make excellent pets, but are illegal in some places.

Pet squirrels can be fun, entertaining pets, as long as you keep them in the right environment. The exact type of squirrel you choose will depend on where you live and the laws in your area. In the United States, it's illegal to keep most native squirrels as pets. Choose captive-bred animals that have been well socialized by the breeder, and make certain you have the right housing available. Strong, roomy cages help pet squirrels stay safe and in good health.


1. Choose a cage that provides a minimum of 3 cubic feet per squirrel. Since squirrels enjoy climbing, always pick a tall cage over one with more horizontal space. Powder-coated steel is an excellent choice, since it will stand up to gnawing. Avoid cages with a wire grid bottom---they can damage your squirrel's feet over time.

2. Place the squirrel cage in a secure place on top of a sturdy piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf or cabinet. Squirrels prefer heights, and are easier to interact with on your eye level. Drape some fabric over the top and back of the cage to keep the wall clean and make your squirrel feel less exposed.

3. Add litter to the bottom of the cage, to a depth of a few inches. Avoid pine and cedar litters, which contain phenols that can damage your pet's lungs and liver. Aspen shavings, paper bedding (such as Carefresh) and shredded paper all make better squirrel litter than conifer shavings. You can also use newspaper on the bottom of the cage, but it needs more frequent changing.

4. Attach branches to the inside of the cage. Use branches purchased from the pet store or dry branches found outside in your oven on low heat before putting them in the cage. Oven treatment kills any parasites that might be hiding in the branches. Secure branches to the cage wire at several points using wire or cable ties. Branches provide your squirrel with more space to roam inside the cage and will make it feel at home.

5. Add a nesting box. A cardboard or wooden box, or even a large plastic flowerpot, makes a good place for squirrels to nest and feel safe. Line the nesting box with a soft material such as cotton, fabric, commercial hamster bedding or dry grass.

6. Place toys in your squirrel's cage. Squirrels enjoy a variety of stuffed toys, hammocks and wooden parrot toys. Experiment with a few different options to find the ones that are ideal for your pet. Make certain to include a few wooden chew toys, corn cobs or cuttle bones to help your squirrel wear down its teeth.

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