Friday, November 20, 2015

Train A Search And Rescue Dog

All people emit mircoscopic particles that carry human scent. These particles become airborn and can carry the scent for considerable distance. A search and rescue dog is trained to locate that scent and help their handlers find people who are lost or missing.


1. Prepare to spend a lot of time. To train a search and rescue dog, or an SAR, you must be committed. The average training course encompasses 2 to 4 sessions a week for an entire year.

2. Choose a dog that is in good physical condition with an easy temperment. Most people prefer to start training with a puppy, but older dogs can also be trained.

3. Socialize the dog to different people and animals. A good search and rescue dog must be socialized with both genders and people of all ages. He should also be socialized with other dogs and other animals.

4. Familiarize the dog with various environments. She needs to get used to traffic noises, large crowds, boats and helicopters and various terrains.

5. Teach the dog to find people by playing hide and seek in the house. Hide and let the dog find you. When he finds you, reward him with praise and a food treat. Make the hiding places progressively harder.

6. Scent train the dog. Teach the dog to find his master by scent. Move the game of hide and seek outside and each time you practice, increase the distance between you and the dog.

7. Use other people to play the role of lost victim and use old tracks to help the dog perfect her skills.

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