Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ideas For Games For A Noah'S Ark Baby Shower

Entertain guests at a Noah's Ark baby shower with games.

Playing games at a baby shower is a great way to entertain guests. Not only do games add a little extra excitement to your party, but they allow guests to get to know one another. Many games can be played during a Noah's Ark baby shower and, to create games, you can improvise on games that you already know to suit your theme. With a few willing participants and some prizes, your Noah's Ark baby shower games will be a hit with all your guests. Does this Spark an idea?

What Animal Am I?

Print or write the name of an animal on index-card-sized paper. If you have 10 guests, you'll need 10 different animals. Stick one animal name on the back of each player without letting them know what the animal is. Each player has to guess what animal they are by asking the other players yes or no questions. You can ask questions such as "Do I have a trunk?" or "Do I live in the jungle?" You can award a prize to the first person who guesses what animal they are or finish the game until everyone is able to guess what animal they are.

Animal Pairs

This game is similar to an Easter egg hunt. Purchase two bags of plastic baby animals from a toy store and pair the same kinds of animals together. Before the shower, hide all of the animals around the house and garden. Make the game a little more difficult by not hiding pairs too close together. Ask your guests to find as many animal pairs as they can. Players can also ask other guests whether they've picked up an animal that they're looking for to create a match. The person who finds the most number of pairs win.

Animal Group Names

Before the baby shower, print out a table with four columns with a list of animals down the first column and with the headings "Male," "Female" and "Baby" in the remaining three columns. For a simple game, fill in some of the blanks beside the types of animals: for example, for an antelope, fill in "buck" under the "Male" column and leave the other two columns blank. You can leave as many blank spaces as you wish. Variations of the game can be played by leaving all of the columns blank or by naming only the male, female or baby names for the groups of animals. Make copies for each person who will be playing the game. Set a time limit for the game and the person who is able to fill up the table with the most correct number of answers in the given time wins.

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