Friday, November 13, 2015

Look Classic And Stylish In Designer Jeans White Shirt And Funky Jewelry

Pair a classic white tee with designer jeans and a funky necklace.

A true fashionista knows that you don't need a flashy, high-maintenance outfit to look stylish and chic. A simple white shirt deserves a place in every closet, whether it takes the form of a blouse, polo or casual tee. Women of all ages also need at least one figure-flattering pair of designer jeans. Take a few basic pieces and transform them into something amazing with the right accessories. Some trends come and go, but the classics never go out of style. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Make sure your jeans fit properly. Poor-fitting denim looks cheap, not classy -- a designer name means nothing if your jeans are the wrong size or style for your body. Your jeans do not fit well if they fall down, ride up, pinch, bulge or leave a large amount of skin hanging over the front and sides. Avoid flared styles if you have short legs. Don't wear skinny jeans if your legs are thick and muscular. Boot-cut jeans flatter nearly every body type.

2. Iron your shirt, if necessary, and make sure it has no wrinkles, stains, lint balls or rips. Stains such as grape juice and ketchup always seem to find their way onto your favorite white tee. Same goes for patches of fuzzy black and gray lint. Fashionable women do not wear dirty white shirts.

3. Apply a sunless bronzer or tanning lotion if your skin is pale. White tends to wash out pale complexions. Wash your hands before you put on your white shirt, as self-tanner leaves harsh orange streaks on most fabrics.

4. Style your hair and apply foundation, lip gloss, mascara and black eyeliner. This makeup looks simple, classic and beautiful on nearly any complexion or skin tone. Avoid overdone hairstyles with excessive amounts of hairspray, gel or pomade.

5. Layer one or two colored shirts or tank tops underneath your white tee. Basic colors like black and navy blue work well. Avoid neon shades and loud, obnoxious colors and patterns. Layers make you look stylish, put-together and slim.

6. Wear a short-sleeved fitted blazer or cardigan over your plain white tee. Don't cover your wrists with a long-sleeved blazer -- leave plenty of room for funky bracelets and bangles. Consider a belt for just below your bustline.

7. Choose jewelry that complements your white shirt. Long, loose necklaces, particularly those with beads or pearls, look best with over-sized white tees. Strands of silver also work well. Fill your wrists with silver bangles or large, clunky bracelets. Don't forget to wear a fun pair of earrings.

8. Wear high heels, sleek loafers, stylish boots or ballet flats. Tennis shoes make you look laid back and casual, not classic and stylish. No woman looks bad in black stilettos.

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