Monday, November 16, 2015

About Giant Poodles

Standard poodles participate in dog competitions.

The large poodle, commonly referred to as the Standard poodle, is known to have a calmer disposition than the Toy poodle. The Standard poodle, originally from Germany, has a history as a water retriever that dates back to the Middle Ages. These dogs weigh between 45 to 70 lbs. and can live 11 to 15 years. The Standard poodle is known by other names, such as the Caniche and the Barbone. The Standard poodle is used as a companion, for duck retrieval during hunting and for security purposes.

Skin Allergies

If you are typically allergic to dogs, then the Standard poodle might be the dog for you. The breed has a hypoallergenic coat and does not shed skin, which may reduce allergic reactions. The Standard poodle has a single coat of thick and curly fur that make it unlike most dogs that have a double coat of fur.


The Standard poodle's coat is corded, a tight loop-like appearance and requires grooming. The fur can hang in a variety of lengths. A Standard poodle used for water retrieval has shorter fur along its tail; however, a ball of fur is left on the tail-tip to provide buoyancy while swimming. According to the American Kennel Club, the 'poodle clip' was designed by hunters to help the dog move through the water easier. Patches of fur are left around vital organs and joints to protect the dog from the cold.

Work Skills

Standard poodles are known for their pointing ability. The dog indicates a flock of hidden birds, remains still until the precise moment, then chases the birds out of hiding. The breed's original purpose was to retrieve ducks from the water. The French refer to the breed as the Caniche, which means duck dog. The Standard poodle can also make a caring guide dog. It has an expansive memory that aids its ability to be an attentive work dog for the visually impaired. Standard poodles are also used during search and rescue missions to retrieve humans from incidents of natural disaster.


Easy to train and a reliable companion, the Standard poodle is responsive to human commands. It is an intelligent breed and responds well to obedience training. It is known for its activity level and requires exercise on a regular basis. It often carries itself with dignity but can inhibit shyness or sharpness in personality. Socializing your poodle with other animals and humans, is recommended for a well-rounded disposition for your dog. A dog park is a way to introduce the poodle to other dogs, but make sure supervision is maintained at all times.

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