Monday, November 30, 2015

Word A First Birthday Party Invitation

A first birthday is an exciting event for a child, but also for the parents and family, A key element of putting together a child's first birthday is inviting all your family and friends. Learn word your invitation to capture the fun and excitement of your celebration so that you'll be proud to share it with your guests, and to save it as a valuable memory. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Take direction from the tone of your party. Choose a popular term like "celebrate with us" or customize your own to reflect the theme of the gathering and the name of the birthday boy or girl. Use language that will excite your guests in anticipation of the special occasion.

2. Include the details. Remember that while it is a child's party, the guests are likely to be the parents of other small children and your own relatives and friends. State the location, time and date of the party clearly.

3. Include any RSVP requests and mention themed activities for the children, so that parents can dress their child appropriately. Note any special requests for your guests; try asking attendees to bring a page to contribute to a scrapbook or other keepsake.

4. Include your contact information in case of questions. Clearly note your telephone number and email address, depending on your communication preferences.

5. Close the invitation using a signature that is a special note from your family, and that is personalized for the recipient. Try sayings that speak directly to the recipient, like "we can't wait to see you there". Use first names or family titles like "aunt" and "grandma". Consider adding creative ideas like a wallet photo of the child, or the child's handprint inside your card to make it truly memorable.

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