Friday, November 20, 2015

Take Care Of Your Own Virtual Animal Games For Kids

Online pet games for kids involve taking care of virtual animals by feeding, entertaining, clothing and cleaning up after the virtual pets. Many sites offer these games for free. Neopets, Rescreatu, Mara Pets and Adopt a Pet are all free online virtual animal games for kids and adults to play. Not only are these sites free, but the games are easy and entertaining.


1. Go to one of the free virtual animal game websites such as Adopt a Pet and create an account. Creating an account is free and requires you to make up a username and password. You will also need to provide an e-mail address and your age, or date of birth.

2. Create and customize your pet however you want. While you're creating your new account you'll also be asked to create your pet. You will choose your pet's base body type from a list of different kinds of pets, such as dragons, monkeys, rats and lizards. You will also choose your pet's color, create a name for your pet, and finally select its height, weight and gender.

3. Keep track of your pet's stats. This is where you'll find your pet's health, mood, hunger level, age and other information you need to keep track of while caring for your pet. To see your pet's stats, click on the picture of the pet, or the pet's avatar, and you will get a list of statistics. When your pet is hungry, feed it. You can get food for your pet by exploring the virtual world your pet lives in. For example, if you click Explore/Candyland/Gingerbread House on Marpets, you can feed your pet a piece of the gingerbread house. Exploring and playing games in any of these virtual pet games will get you items, virtual money, and whatever other items you need to keep your pet's stats up. For example, if you're pet is unhappy, you can play games by clicking Games/Arcade Games/Bunchy (or whatever game you prefer), playing the Bunchy game until you get a sign which gives you the option to "Send Score" or "Play Again," and clicking "Send Score." Playing games with your pet will increase your pet's happiness and tiredness. When your pet is too tired to play or explore, you'll have to wait for it to rest before playing any more.

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