Monday, November 30, 2015

Get More Facebook Money In "Happy Pets"

Play "Happy Pets" on Facebook and adopt a pair of virtual kittens or puppies from the start. Build them a comfortable home and breed your pets to play the game. You will need Facebook money, or virtual "coins," in order to care for your pets and provide them with the food and bonus items they need to prosper. You can also use Facebook money in order to buy more unique pets, such as rabbits, koalas and wolves.


1. Clean your "Happy Pets" room litter box. Select the litter scoop on the bottom of the screen and then click on the dirty litter box. The litter box is dirty when flies and steam appear above the box. You earn two coins every time you clean a dirty litter box.

2. Pet your pets. Click on the hand icon on the bottom of the screen and then click on the pet. Earn six coins with each stroke.

3. Play with your pets. Select the laser toy icon and move your mouse over the pets. Earn six coins for each pet in the path of the toy.

4. Pay three coins to play the piggy bank roulette game. Click on the piggy bank and then click on the "spin" button in order to play the game. You will win a random amount of coins. You can play the piggy bank game once a day.

5. Invite friends to the game. The more friends you have who play "Happy Pets," the more Facebook money you will earn for the game. Simply adding a friend to the game will give you bonus coins. Do the same tasks in your friends' rooms that you do in yours to earn money. Click on their piggy banks to play the roulette game. Clean their litter boxes, play with their pets and pet their pets for more bonus coins.

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