Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Train A Doodle In Disney'S Toontown Online

Once you've adopted a pet doodle, you must train it to behave in a manner fitting a Toontown doodle. As with any pet, doodles require lessons in behavior and a lot of positive reinforcement. Purchase tricks and use a speedchat box to issue trick commands and praise your doodle.


1. Pick the telephone located on the wall of your Toontown estate. Your current weekly issue of Clarabelle's Cattlelog appears. Page through the Cattlelog until you come to Doodle Tricks. Choose a trick to purchase, such as "Jump."

2. Purchase the trick with jelly beans from your estate piggy bank. Its corresponding speedchat phrase is included in your Speedchat menu.

3. Click on the speedchat icon in the upper-left corner of your screen to open the speedchat dialog box.

4. Select "Pets" from the menu list of options. All of the speedchat words and phrases available to use with your doodle appear, including the word associated with your new trick, for example, "Jump."

5. Instruct your doodle to perform the new trick. Click on the word or phrase that indicates the trick, such as "Jump." The Doodle's response depends on how new the doodle is, how new the trick is and the doodle's mood.

6. Praise your doodle when or if he performs the trick correctly and on command. Click on a praise phrase in your speedchat "Pet" menu.

7. Repeat the training word or phrase often. Repetition is key when training your doodle.

8. Repeat your praise after every successfully performed trick. Praise makes your doodle more inclined to perform the tricks you instruct her to perform.

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