Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cheats For "Petz Catz Clan"

Cats are a popular in many pet simulators.

"Petz: Catz Clanz" is a popular pet simulator for the Nintendo DS system. The game offers the ability to simulate the life a clan of cats. In the game, the cats can grow, eat or chew on things. The goal is to raise the clan of cats in a healthy manner. Players lose points for cats that lack food or are sick. If the game challenge is too high, there are many cheats available. Players can enter cheat codes by entering the "Briefcase" menu and imputing a code.

Cat Adoption Cheats

Adoption cheats allow a player to obtain a new cat. Enter the code "thirst" for the adoption of "Angel Maine Coon" cat. Enter the code "spacec" for the "Army Ocicat" cat. Enter the code "swindl" for the "Ballerina Russian Blue" cat. Enter the code "dr68jj" for the "Cheerleader White Persian" cat. Enter "lardsi" for a "Rocket Abyssinian" cat.

Clothing Accessory Cheats

Clothing accessory cheats offer extra items for the cats. These items can be worn like regular clothing or costumes on the cat. Some accessories go better with certain costumes, while other items are for general use. Enter "ctzluv" for the "Egyptian Mau and Red Scarf." Enter "edcrfv" for the "Devilish Tamarin and Devilish Wings" items.

Costume Cheats

Costume cheats offer new costumes with accessories for the cats. Enter "psworn" for a spacesuit. Enter "petcat" for a "Ballerina Capuchin and Ballerina Outfit 2." Enter "furbal" for a "Clown Marmoset, Clown Hat 2 and Frilly Collar 2." Enter "eggsuk" for a "Rockstar Boxer, Leather Jacket Suit and Spiked Collar 2." Enter "laflin" for a "Super husky toy and a super hero costume."

Toy Cheats

Toys are items that cats can play with in the game. These items are not worn, but can be kept in the cat's inventory. Enter "queenq" for the "Surfer Beagle, Surfer Pants, Sunglasses and Beach Ball" items. Enter "stinko" for the Native American Chihuahua and Native American Feather" items.

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