Friday, November 20, 2015

Adopt From Last Chance Highway

A loving dog just like this can be adopted from the rescue showcased on Last Chance Highway.

Last Chance Highway, an eight-part television series on Animal Planet, follows the rescue work of Shelly Bookwalter of Southern Jewel Dog Rescue in Mississippi. Dogs featured on the show that have not yet found forever homes are available for adoption through Bookwalter's website. After your approved application and background check, you may be matched with a dog. You then visit the rescue in northern Mississippi for a final check-out before you can bring your adopted dog home.


1. Go to This is the main website for the Last Chance Highway television show.

2. Click on "Adopt a Last Chance dog" on the left side of the screen under the TV show's masthead.

3. Click on the Southern Jewel Dog Rescue link. This appears at the end of the text detailing who Shelly Bookwalter is.

4. Run your mouse over the "Dogs for Adoption" tab in the center of the screen. Once the drop-down menu appears, click on "Search All" to view a list of the dogs available for adoption from the Last Chance Highway show and the rescue. Look through the list of available pets and decide if one interests you.

5. Run your mouse over the "Dogs for Adoption" tab again, and click on the application form link. This will take you to the Southern Jewel Dog Rescue application.

6. Fill out the application information and co-application information sections. This includes your name and contact information as well as the name of any adult family member or friend who wishes to adopt the dog with you.

7. Complete the section concerning your expectations and living situation. This will help the rescue determine what dogs they have available that may be a good fit for your family. While you may have fallen in love with a dog on Last Chance Highway, the animal's temperament or needs may not be a good fit for you and your family. By providing this information, the experts at the rescue will be able to ensure that any placement made is permanent and ideal for you, your household and the dog.

8. Provide information on past pets and your veterinarian's contact information. This will give the rescue an idea of what breeds of dogs you are used to, and provide them a reference from your vet.

9. Fill out the section pertaining to your living situation and your ideas on pet ownership. If you rent, the rescue will have to contact your landlord to verify that you are permitted to have a dog at the home. This portion of the application also gives the rescue an idea of what kind of pet owner you are, which will help them to determine if any of their dogs are a match for you. This section also includes a portion that allows you to describe, in your own words, what kind of life you lead and why exactly you wish to rescue a dog from Southern Jewel Dog Rescue.

10. Verify the application with a digital signature and hit "Send". Once your application is approved, you will be contacted about any possible adoption opportunities that will be suitable. After a visit with the rescue and the dog in Olive Branch, Miss. near Memphis, it is determined the pet would be a good addition to your home, you must pay the dog's adoption fee. Then bring home your new four-legged family member.

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