Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Sims 2 Pets System Requirements


The Sims 2: Pets" is an expansion pack for "The Sims 2" game. In this expansion, you are able to add a variety of pets to your virtual home and family, such as cats, dogs and birds, as well as secret pets like the werewolf and the womrat. While this game is somewhat dated (it was released in late 2006), there are still system requirements that need to be met in order to run this game properly.

Operating System

An operating system is an interface module that transmits data between your computer's hardware to the user. There are three major operating systems: Linux, Apple and Windows. Currently, "The Sims 2: Pets" is compatible with most Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows 2000.


You need at least a processor running at least on 1,300 MHz. Processors tell the computer what to do, prioritize system tasks, when to call certain functions and so on. The greater the processor's power, the faster and better your game will run on higher settings.


The minimum memory, also known as RAM, needed for "The Sims 2: Pets" is 256 MB. If you are running a few expansion packs, then it is recommended to have at least 512 MB of RAM installed. Having a higher memory capacity will result in better game performance.

Video Card

This game requires you have at least an nVidia GeForce2 GTS or ATI Radeon 8500 video card. The better the video cards for either model, the better because they are needed to render the game's graphics for greater picture quality and higher resolutions. If you happen to have a different, non-T&L-capable video card, you will need at least a 2.4 GHz processor to run the "The Sims 2: Pets" properly.

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