Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Birthday Invite Ideas

Birthday party invitations are an effective way to request the presence of family and friends.

Birthday party invitations, whether for children or adults, specify pertinent information about the celebration. Guest of honor, location, date, time and RSVP contact information are often included and accompanied by directions to the venue and any theme-related suggestions such as wearing costumes or "in lieu of gift" ideas. Does this Spark an idea?

Then-and-Now Photo

Upload images from a camera or scanner of the birthday person as an infant and a more current photo. Arrange them into a blank word document and create a text area designating the party specifications for guests. Double-check grammar and spelling and, using card stock, print one invitation for each person or family you are inviting. Insert them into envelopes and send via mail or hand deliver.

Secret Code

Devise a secret code as a birthday invitation. Use symbols as letters when announcing the party specifics and include a legend for guests to decode. As an example, "Jimmy is 5" may translate on the invitation as: "*#%%! #^ 5." The "i" is used twice and is represented by the "#" sign. Symbols such as shapes, designs and numbers can be used. Ask the guests to RSVP using the same code via mail through postage-paid response envelopes or through e-mail .

Singing Telegram

If you are musically inclined, consider using singing telegrams to invite guests to the birthday party. Create a short verse and set it to a familiar tune such as a nursery rhyme, arrive at each attendee's home and sing your way to RSVPs. An example of a singing telegram can be:

(Sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You")

"Charlie's birthday is soon.

On Sunday at noon.

We hope you can join us.

For cake and balloons!"

Give attendees a note card with the specific party details to place in their personal calendars.

Surprise Party

Purchase a box of 6-by-9 manila envelopes and decorate as invitations. On the outside of the envelope, print "Top Secret" and "Confidential" and list the name of the party honoree. Insert a printed paper with the specific party location with directions, time of the event and any RSVP contact information. Hand deliver the invites dressed in all black with dark sunglasses and a black stocking hat. The invitation is not only appropriate for surprise parties but can be adapted to children's secret agent or spy parties.

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