Friday, October 30, 2015

Fill In A Pdf Form

Fill out an interactive PDF form in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Portable Document Format (PDF) documents can be made into interactive forms using Adobe Acrobat. These types of forms are often used for electronic applications that are either published on the Web or sent to recipients via email. If you need to fill out a PDF form, you can do so right on your home computer. Both Adobe Acrobat, the full version software for creating PDFs, and the free version, Adobe Reader, have the capability to fill in interactive forms.


1. Open a PDF form document in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Reader is available for free download on the Adobe website (see Resources).

2. Select the "Hand" or "Select" tool from the Select & Zoom toolbar.

3. Click the "Highlight Fields" button on the document message bar. This will highlight all interactive form fields in the PDF document, making them easy to recognize.

4. Click the first form field you want to fill in. When you point to an interactive field, your mouse cursor will change. The pointing finger icon appears when you are on a button, item in a list or check box that you can select. The black arrow appears when you can select a choice from a list. The I-beam displays when you can enter text into a text field.

5. Make a selection or begin typing in the field. Press "Tab" to move to the next field. This will automatically accept the change you've made to the form.

6. Continue filling in the fields until you've completed the entire form. If you make a mistake at any point, press "Esc" to reject the change you've made and deselect the field you are on.

7. Click "File, Save as" to save the file in Acrobat. If you're using Reader, you'll only be able to save your filled-in form if extended user rights were granted by the form creator. Otherwise, you can only click "File, Save a Copy" to save a blank copy of the form.

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