Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Use The Bison Last Chance Belt

Campers and backpackers use Bison belts to carry supplies.

Bison Last Chance belts are designed to support weighty items without loosening. The belts themselves are simple, plain webbing belts with metal buckles, some of them also reinforced with Velcro closures. Hikers, campers and firefighters clip carabiners to the belts to carry tools, radios, water-bottles or other accessories hands-free. Bison Last Chance belts do not loosen or sag, so people who do not need them to carry things often choose them simply to hold up their pants.


1. Thread the belt through a loop at the front of your pants, so the buckle is in the front and the rest of the belt is loose.

2. Slide a carabiner onto the belt and push it forward until it reaches the belt loop. Thread the belt through the next loop, securing the carabiner in place between the two loops.

3. Pull the belt through more loops until you reach the next place you want a carabiner. Slide a second carabiner onto the belt, then thread the belt through the next loop, again securing the location of the carabiner.

4. Bring the tail of the belt through the remaining loops. To buckle it closed, pull the belt tail up through the slit in the buckle, then down through the V-ring. Velcro it closed if your belt includes Velcro.

5. Add extra security to a belt that does not include Velcro by bringing the tail up through the buckle slit, then flipping it over the top of the V-ring and pulling it through the ring from beneath.

6. Clip items to the carabiners to carry them hands-free.

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