Monday, December 28, 2015

Get A Second Male Or Female Labrador Retriever

Get a Second Male or Female Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are smart, friendly dogs. Introducing another Labrador into the home is possible but should be done carefully. Whether you get an adult or a puppy, it's important to take the health of the animal into question. Puppies are usually born with worms. Worm can pass from the puppy to the other dog through their feces. Labradors like to play, so another Labrador can be a welcome addition to the family. Because Labradors aren't usually aggressive, the introduction of a new dog should go fairly smoothly.


1. Look through the classified ads to see who is selling or giving away dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador retrievers are "the most popular breed in the United States." Because of this, Labradors are somewhat easier to find than other types of dogs.

2. Look on-line on pet websites such as Put in your location, pet wanted and size to find pets in your area. Most of the pets listed come from shelters.

3. Look for pet stores and breeders in the phone book and call. Breeders and pet stores generally carry purebred dogs and puppies.

4. Visit a local animal shelter. Shelters sell dogs more cheaply than pet stores and breeders. Shelters carry both mutts and purebreds. The purebreds at shelters have usually been abandoned.

5. Determine your current dog's temperament. Some dogs are too aggressive for another adult dog to be adopted into the family. A puppy will be more submissive. If you have a male dog and are looking into getting a female dog, you need to get the male dog neutered. Once the female has matured enough for breeding, chances are high the two dogs will mate. If you want puppies, leave them alone.

6. Buy the dog. Introduce him to a certain area first. Show him the location of his food, water and bed. Show the dog where he can relieve himself. Depending on the dog's age and previous home, he may not be housebroken.

7. Labradors are mid-sized dogs and need plenty of room to run around. Have an area the dog can run around in. The two dogs will need room to interact.

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