Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pet World Games

Virtual pet world games offer players an alternative to other online social games, which are usually competition based in a violent setting. For players looking for a different virtual world experience, pet world games let players interact with each other, care for their pets and earn upgrades for accessories or multiple pets. Pet world games are especially appropriate for children, as most sites feature moderators and inappropriate-content filters.


"Neopets" is a free online virtual pet world where users can create and customize their own pets, as well as play games and participate in special events. Users can choose to create a new pet or adopt one from the Neopian Pound animal shelter. Players can participate in contests and collect Neo points, then exchange these points for accessories. "Neopets" also lets players create homes for their pets and even features a Neopian newspaper.


"MaraPets" is another free pet game, where users can explore 21 different virtual worlds. In "MaraPets," users have dress-up dolls as well as pets, and collect MP points for bonus items. Players can collect points through the site's mini-games as well as by selling old items. "MaraPets" features chat and private messaging features, as well as the ability for pets to battle.


"Powerpets" offers similar attributes as other sites, though "Powerpets" also offers an aquarium and pet grooming. "Powerpets" also lets users chat and message each other, but this site places significant focus on child safety. Moderators monitor forums, while automated filters block a wide array of inappropriate content.


"Webkinz" differs from other pet worlds because players can buy "Webkinz" stuffed animals in real life and then register the animal online. The stuffed animal is then the type of pet the player cares for in "Webkinz." In "Webkinz," players also collect points through mini-games but have the added option of a deluxe membership, which includes clothing items and exclusive games.

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