Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rescue A Bichon In Michigan

Rescue a bichon.

The bichon is such a beautiful dog. It is hard to imagine someone neglecting or mistreating one of these animals, but it does happen. It may also be hard to believe that you can find a bichon at an animal shelter, but they sometimes end up there. Purebred rescue organizations or small animal rescue centers usually monitor area animal shelters and try to quickly rescue any of these dogs.


1. Go to these Michigan animal shelters to rescue a bichon because they euthanize unadoptable pets or they sell them for research: Jackson County Animal Shelter in Jackson, Tuscola County Animal Shelter in Caro, Sanilac County Animal Shelter in Sandusky, Branch County Animal Shelter in Coldwater and Ingham County shelter in Mason. See the Resources section for the My Pet Nanny link. You will find a list of links for all of these shelters at that website.

2. Fill out a pet adoption application with a bichon rescue center in Michigan. Contact Showboat Bichons Rescue at (616) 868-7200 or Small Barkers in Mayville, Michigan. You can find links in the Resources section.

3. Place a bichon rescue wanted ad in the local free "Shopper News," "Community Advisor" or "Weekly Reminder." Some of these free weekly publications may be run by the same company, so ask about a discount for multiple papers publishing the same ad in different counties. Place your bichon wanted ad for free on Petfinder Classifieds, the Michigan area Craigslist and the Free Pet Classifieds.

4. Call the animal shelters and rescues that you registered with and check their websites often for new listings. Volunteers are sometimes temporary, people are busy and many people call but never follow through. This will let them know that you are serious and committed.

5. Locate a veterinarian who has a heart for caring for rescue dogs and offers discounts for services. Typically, rescue dogs need emergency office visits and medications to treat them for illness, undernourishment and parasites. Let local-area veterinarians know that you are looking for a bichon; print up some wanted fliers and place them on their billboards.

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