Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book A Pet Friendly Motel

Pet friendly policies make traveling with your pet easier and more convenient.

If you're going on vacation, it can be hard to leave your pet behind. It's also expensive to board your pet, so consider taking him with you. It's getting easier to travel with your pet as more hotels and motels are adopting pet friendly policies. You will typically have to pay an additional fee to have your pet room with you. Some accommodations even offer services for your pet such as grooming, or have a designated spot outdoors for pets. Call the motel ahead of time and speak to someone directly to confirm their pet policy.


1. Browse the pet friendly accommodations on pet travel websites. Several websites offer listings and information on different motels and chains that allow pets to stay. Check out the websites of Pets Can Stay and Pet Travel for pet friendly directories.

2. Call a few motels on the pet friendly lists in the area where you want to stay. Ask them specifically about their pet policy in regard to the type of pet you have. Even if the motel is listed as pet friendly, it may limit the number of rooms pets are allowed to be in, so it is important to ask about availability for the dates you need to be there. Another issue is that a chain of motels may allow pets, but some motels are franchises that do not have to follow the pet policy, so double check that the specific motel you want to check into allows pets. Ask about the total extra cost charged for your pet to avoid surprises when you arrive at the motel.

3. Select the motel that will work best for you and your pet and make the booking. When you are packing for your trip, take a travel carrier, food and water bowls, collar and leash, identification and health records, comfortable bedding, any medications the pet may be on, a litter box for cats and plastic bags for dog waste, emergency contact information and a first aid kit. In case of emergency or if your pet gets loose, you are prepared.

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