Thursday, December 10, 2015

Socialize A Pet Fox

As a part of the wild, foxes are very wary of humans. They do not interact with us much because of fear. Most foxes that are bred to be pets are somewhat socialized because their parents were also captives. Life with people taking care of them is the only life these foxes know. Once placed with a family, it is the responsibility of the owner to continue to socialize his pet fox, to ensure that both the fox and the family will feel comfortable with each other.


1. Hold your pet fox if he will let you. Most people who get a fox as a pet, receive the animal at about 8 weeks old, still very much a baby. Handle him--pat, pick up, etc.--as much as possible in the early weeks of his life. He will become accustomed to your scent and will realize that you belong to him (not the other way around!).

2. Brush your pet's fur with a small cat hairbrush. Some pets like to be groomed and others do not. It may take a few tries to determine whether your fox enjoys it. If he does, this is a good way to socialize and bond with him.

3. Bottle-feed your fox cub if she is still young enough to have trouble drinking water on her own. This may not be necessary by the time she is old enough to live with you. However, like a human infant, the one-on-one contact promotes a close relationship between the two parties.

4. Play with your pet fox. Get him some small cat toys, furry animals for example. Spending time playing with your pet lets him know that you enjoy having him in your home.

5. Be an all-around responsible pet owner. Pets become more comfortable and socialized with people when they know that they can count on their humans to take care of them. Make sure that your fox is well fed, has enough space to run around, and is healthy. This will make her a happy fox as well.

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