Friday, December 4, 2015

Make A New Puppy Comfortable On His First Night At His New Home

Make a New Puppy Comfortable on His First Night at His New Home

Being brought home is a stressful time for a puppy. Your dog has just been separated from his litter mates and brought into a strange home by a strange person. Prepare ahead of time to make your puppy's first night as comfortable as possible. The less stressful the night is on your pup, the more quickly he will form a bond with you and the happier he will be.


1. Dog-proof your home before you get your puppy. Move power cords, plants, food and anything else you do not want the puppy to chew on off of the floor where the puppy can't get to it. Don't forget to put your shoes and clothing away. Puppies will chew anything and many items are dangerous for their health. You may want to close off certain rooms to keep the puppy out of them.

2. Take a blanket or soft toy with you to the kennel. If possible, rub it against your puppy's litter mates and mother. The smell of the toy will comfort him during his first night and the next few weeks with you.

3. Take the puppy home and immediately walk him outside on a leash to a designated spot. Give him whatever command you plan to use to get him to do his business and wait for 10 minutes or so. If he doesn't go, take him back in and try again in another 10 minutes. If he does go, pet him and praise him.

4. Let your puppy explore your house. Follow him around, speaking to him, petting him and getting him used to your presence.

5. Feed your puppy his first meal. If it is soon before bed, make it a small meal. Set out the water bowl filled with fresh water.

6. Put your puppy in a small crate with blankets and the toy you brought with you. Ideally, you should keep this crate in your room near the foot of your bed. The area should be warm and draft free. You may allow your puppy to sleep in your bed but only do so if you intend on allowing him to share your bed his whole life.

7. If your puppy starts whining in the middle of the first night, put him on his leash and take him out to relieve himself. Then take him back in and put him in his crate. Do not play with him, since this will discourage him from sleeping through the night.

8. Stick your fingers through the cage to pet your puppy if he keeps crying and you want to comfort him. Do not do this for more than a few nights, however, since it may encourage him to cry for attention later.

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