Thursday, December 17, 2015

Become A Surrogate Mother In Tennessee

Becoming a surrogate mother can be a rewarding experience.

The choice to become a surrogate mother can be rewarding but rigorous. Choosing an agency that you feel comfortable enough to work with is essential to the process. Nashville, Tennessee is home to a reproductive health clinic that can connect you with a counselor and the various tools you need to start the process. The agency ensures that the surrogate mother has a support system that consists of a community of surrogate mothers, legal professionals, and medical professionals which are all necessary in this journey.


The Application Process

1. Contact a reproductive health center or fertility clinic your area. The Center for Reproductive Health is located in Nashville and the professionals there can connect you with a counselor to get the application process started. If you are unable to make the trip to Nashville initially, talk to your Obstetrics & Gynecology specialist.

The Center for Reproductive Health

2410 Patterson Street, Suite 401

Nashville, TN 37203


2. Fill out an application. After the paperwork is complete, you will have to participate in a screening that will check your mental and physical health. This screening is a very extensive and selective process.

3. Attend support meetings. Most agencies have these meetings for surrogate mothers and prospective parents. The meetings allow you to meet other women who are in a similar situation. Some support groups consist of the prospective parents and the surrogate mothers while others divide the two into different groups.

4. Pass the background check. Provide the agency with your driving record and criminal history as this is an important step in the application process.

5. Find out if your medical insurance will cover your hospital bills while you are pregnant. Insurance is most often necessary in this situation. Surrogate candidates may be rejected based on lack of insurance.

Complete a medical screening which will be set up by the agency. Usually the agency covers these fees.

Selecting The Couple and Legalities

6. Pick a prospective parent couple from profiles provided by the agency. You will then meet with the couple and will determine if all parties are comfortable with each other. Your counselor will be present at the first meeting for support and information purposes.

7. Meet with an agency lawyer. All parties, the surrogate mother and the prospective parents, will need to sign a contract that states the terms of the agreement.

Some lawyers recommend taking out a life insurance policy through the agency in case complications arise with the pregnancy.

8. Meet with your fertility specialist. This will be set up through the agency, and the specialist will explain the options for conception. Sometimes this requires you to take a certain medicine or supplement to increase fertility.

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