Thursday, December 17, 2015

Make A Stray Cat Your Pet Cat

Stray cats are not the same as feral cats, which take a lot longer to domesticate, if ever.

Ask many cat owners where they found their cat and you are likely to hear "the cat found me!" If a cat has found you and you are thinking of making her your new best friend, congratulations! Hopefully you will have years of happy companionship with your new cat. There isn't much to know about turning a stray cat into a pet cat. The only difference really is that one has a home and one does not.


1. Take the cat to the vet. You should never bring a stray cat into your home until he has been checked for communicable disease. This not only protects you, but it protects any pets you may already have living with you. The vet will examine the stray cat for any health problems. He will also vaccinate your new pet. It is a good idea to arrange for your new stray cat to be spayed or neutered. This will cut down on a male cat's tendency to roam and it will keep a female cat from becoming anxious when she is in heat.

2. Place your new cat in a room all his own for a few days. This will enable him a chance to understand that he is safe from the other pets in the home. Introducing your new cat to your other pets should be a slow process to cut down on any fighting that may occur. There are several ways you can introduce a new cat to the resident cats. The best way is to allow them to play "footsie" under the door until they get used to the idea of another cat in the house.

3. Understand and don't be offended if your cat prefers to hang outside. Your stray cat has probably spent much of his life wandering the world and may feel confined indoors. However, having a cat that prefers to live outdoors does not mean that your new cat does not love you. It just means he's an outdoor cat. Outdoor cats face many dangers and are subject to cruelty. Try to keep your new cat indoors as much as possible. If your cat cries to go outside, try bringing her out on a leash, or allowing her into a screened-in porch.

4. Shop for necessary supplies if you do not already have a cat. You will need food dishes, a litter box, scooper and litter, a cat bed, toys, food and treats. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, you may need flea and tick prevention such as Frontline or Advantage,

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