Friday, December 18, 2015

Feed Raccoons In Captivity

Despite their reputation for being temperamental, nasty critters that like to dig through your trash, raccoons can make wonderful pets if they are cared for properly. Because they'll eat just about anything, feeding raccoons is relatively simple. You can even feed your raccoon the same food you give to your cat or dog. With a balanced diet that contains ample protein and plenty of water, your pet raccoon will be healthy and happy.


1. Provide your raccoon with a large bowl or trough filled with clean, preferably sterilized, drinking water. Baby raccoons are especially susceptible to dehydration, so make sure to give them plenty of water administered through a pipette or small bottle. Raccoons like to wash their food in water before eating, so make sure there is water present during feeding. Always keep the water source in the same place so the raccoon will know where to find it.

2. Feed your raccoon healthy, balanced meals. Raccoons are omnivores, and in the wild, they will eat almost anything. This does not mean you should feed them marshmallows and French fries. A healthy pet raccoon's diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, turkey, chicken and fish. Keep carbohydrates to a minimum. Good quality dog or cat food high in protein is an excellent choice for a pet raccoon. Raccoons will also eat table scraps, though be sure you are not feeding them anything too artificial.

3. Prepare your raccoon for release into the wild. If you're planning to keep the raccoon in your house for its entire life, you can continue to feed it prepared food like you would a cat or ferret. However, if you do plan to release the animal in the wild, you must feed it accordingly. Instead of chopped-up fish, place a live fish in a trough full of water so the raccoon can hunt it. Present nuts, berries, vegetables and other produce to the raccoon as naturally as possible so it can learn to recognize these vital foods in the wild.

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