Friday, December 4, 2015

Get The Shield Of Harmony In "Baldur'S Gate 2"

Get the Shield of Harmony in "Baldur's Gate 2"

There are many useful magic items in the PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 that can't be purchased in stores but must instead be acquired by completing various quests. The Shield of Harmony can only be gained by helping the city of Trademeet get rid of a troupe of mischievous genies who have been causing the town endless trouble.


1. Leave the city of Athkatla after escaping from the dungeon at the beginning of the game and travel to the town called Trademeet. You can get the location of Trademeet marked on your world map by speaking with the traveler named Flydian near the city gates in Athkatla.

2. Complete the "wild animal" quest by speaking with they mayor of Trademeet and the defeating the evil druids in the nearby druid grove.

3. Speak with the mayor again and agree to help him deal with some troublesome genies who have been plaguing the town. Talk to the woman named Busya who will tell you to either kill the genies or help them solve a problem of their own that is preventing them from leaving the area.

4. Go to the Genie's tent outside of Trademeet and either kill them all or listen to their story and agree to help them with their problem. After agreeing to help you will need to go back into Trademeet and hunt down a cat like creature called a Rakshasha that the genies are chasing after.

5. Return to Busya and tell her that you either eliminated the genies or convinced them to leave and she will reward your party with the Shield of Harmony.

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