Monday, December 7, 2015

The Average Income For Social Workers In Illinois

Social workers who assist the aging population have a bright employment outlook.

Social workers help people cope with and solve problems that affect their ability to function well in their daily lives. Rapid job growth is likely in this field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job prospects should be especially good for social workers who work in rural areas or who assist the aging population. The average income for social workers in Illinois varies depending on the professional's specialty.

Child, Family and School Social Workers

Child, family and school social workers focus on improving the lives of children and teens and relationships within the family. Illinois was the fifth-highest paying state in the country for these social workers in 2009, according to the BLS. The average pay there was $25.59 per hour, or $53,230 per year. That was about 18 percent higher than the nationwide average of $43,540 per year. Connecticut was the top-ranking state for average salaries of child, family and school social workers, at $61,690 per year. Minnesota, Rhode Island and New Jersey rounded out the top five.

Medical and Public Health Social Workers

Medical and public health social workers provide counseling and a source of social support for clients coping with severe chronic health problems or a terminal illness. They also connect these individuals with helpful resources in the community. Their average salary in Illinois was $24.12 per hour, or $50,170 per year in 2009. That was about 4 percent higher than the nationwide average of $48,340 for this occupation.

Mental Health Social Workers

Some social workers assist people dealing with mental illness or substance abuse problems. They coach clients in skills for effective daily living, provide counseling for their families and do crisis intervention. Their average salary in Illinois was $19.47 per hour in 2009, or $40,500 per year. That was a bit lower than the national average for this occupation, which was $41,350 per year.

Other Social Workers

The BLS includes a category for all other social workers, to include those who work in administration, research and policy making. These social workers investigate issues, make recommendations and develop programs for problems such as child abuse, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness and substance abuse, according to the BLS. Illinois had the fifth-highest concentration of these social workers by state in 2009, ranking behind only Montana, New York, Ohio and Oregon. Their average pay in Illinois was $24.44 per hour, or $50,830 per year, very similar to the nationwide average of $50,470 per year.

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