Friday, December 4, 2015

Donate Your Car In Wisconsin

Whether you are in a city such as Eau Claire or a more rural area of Wisconsin, you can donate your car to charities throughout the state. Both national and local charities in Wisconsin accept car donations. Typically any type of car, even if it is not running, can be donated to a charity. Some charities may actually use the donated vehicle while others may choose to auction it off to raise money for the organization.


1. Apply for a replacement car title from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on form MV1 if you can't find your car title. As of April 2010, the replacement title fee is $20 plus an additional $5 if you submit the form in person instead of by mail.

2. Choose a Wisconsin charity for your donation and verify on the IRS website that it is an approved charity. Only donations to IRS-approved charities are tax deductible.

3. Contact the charity where you want to make your donation to see if they pick up the car or if you need to bring it to an office. Some charities may request that you transport the vehicle to lower their expense.

4. Review car valuation websites, such as Kelly Blue Book, to check the fair market value of your vehicle. You can also look for similar vehicles that are for sale in your local area of Wisconsin to gauge fair market value.

5. Give your car to the Wisconsin charity and sign over your Wisconsin car title on line three. When you give the charity your car and car title, be sure to get a receipt for your donation. Keep the receipt for when you file your taxes.

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