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Get A Certified Copy Of My Birth Certificate

Get a Certified Copy of My Birth Certificate

You'll need a certified copy of your birth certificate to register for school, or to travel anywhere outside the U.S. that requires this legal document. There are "Certified" and "Non-Certified" copies of birth certificates. "Certified" copies are the type that can be used for legal purposes. They have a raised seal and a signature to show they are genuine. "Non-Certified" copies are for informational purposes only.


Searching Locally

1. Birth certificates can be obtained in the city and state in which you were born. If you don't know where you were born, ask your parents or another family member. Or, look in a family genealogy to find out in what city and state you were born.

2. Try to find the original copy of your birth certificate. It will list the information you need to get a new, certified copy. Your old certificate will most likely not be certified, which makes it an informational document only.

3. Locate the phone number for the Department of Health in that city. Call Directory Assistance or log onto the Internet and perform a search.

4. Ask the Health Department what information you need to send in, or take with you, to get your certified birth certificate. You'll probably need identification such as a current driver's license and your Social Security card.

Getting the Actual Certificate Locally

5. Send via the U.S. post office the applicable information along with the required fee. Or, drive to the location of the Health Department to get a certified copy of your birth certificate in person.

Getting Your Birth Certificate by Using the Internet

6. You can visit the National Center for Health Statistics website. Click on the state in which you were born, not where you currently reside.

7. The listing will give you the cost of the copy of your birth certificate and the address for the department of health in that state. It will also tell you what information you need to include with your request, which is most often a valid picture ID.

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