Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Careers In The Animal Industry

Throughout the world, there are more than 1 million animal species.

Career options for those interested in the care and well-being of animals are limitless. There are more than 1 million different species of animals in the world, and a need exists for those animals to be researched, discovered, cared for and trained. In addition, there are many careers in the animal industry working with both land and water animals.


Veterinarians examine, diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries in animals of all sizes including farm animals and household pets. Veterinarians must earn a degree in veterinary medicine from a four-year accredited college or university. Additionally, veterinarians must complete a one-year internship to practice their newly learned skills in a variety of veterinary environments, and pass a state licensing exam to practice veterinary medicine. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, experienced veterinarians earn an average annual salary between $61,370 and $104,110.

Marine Biologist

Marine biologists study underwater animals and the environment in which they live by collecting data, studying behaviors and gathering specimens. Marine biologists work for private industries, laboratories, universities and government organizations. Although not all positions require a degree, more opportunities are available for those who hold a degree in biology or zoology. According to Ocean Careers, experienced marine biologists earn an average annual salary of $67,200.

Animal Trainer

Animal trainers work with a variety of animals in different ways. Some teach household pets to follow simple commands like sit, stay or roll over. Others may train dogs to assist people with physical impairment with activities such as opening doors or alerting their owner of impending dangers. A few animal trainers work with larger, more exotic creatures such as training animals for movie appearances or performances at the zoo or amusement park. Most animal trainers are required to obtain a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. A degree may be required for some positions. On average, an entry-level animal trainer will earn approximately $27,270 a year.

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