Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Register A New Puppy


Purebred dogs are eligible to participate in American Kennel Club dog shows and performance events once registered. Registration benefits include a new puppy handbook, a complimentary veterinarian visit, and access to online breed information. It also allows any of the puppy's future litters to also be American Kennel Club registered dogs.


Register a Puppy

1. Begin the puppy's registration process within 12 months of the litter's American Kennel Club registration date. Ask the seller to provide that date before the sale is complete. The application process may be completed either in paper with the original dog registration application given by the seller or online. (See the Resource section.)

2. Have the seller complete his portion of the American Kennel Club dog registration form including the dog's breed, date of birth, registered name and number of the sire and dam, and the puppy's sex. The coloring and markings of the puppy must be described on the application. The litter's registration number should be noted on the application as well. A puppy cannot be registered individually until the entire litter has received its registration number.

3. Complete the new owner's portion of the registration form. Include the name of the puppy and the address of the puppy's new residence. The puppy's name must be no longer than 36 characters and cannot include roman numerals. If the name is longer than 36 characters, a $10 fee will be incurred on top of the registration fees. If a fairly common name is selected for the puppy, the American Kennel Club will attach a numerical suffix to the name for differentiation at shows and events.

4. Signatures from both the seller and the new owner are required on the registration form. Any co-owners of the puppy must sign the form as well. Decide which level of registration is desired. Include a check or money order made out to American Kennel Club with the application packet. Processing fees are nonrefundable. A full list of registration levels and the fees associated with each level is located on the American Kennel Club's website. (See the Resource section.)

5. Submit the proper paperwork and fee to the American Kennel Club offices. The registration certificate will be mailed to the new owner in three to four weeks. Check the certificate for any errors. Contact the American Kennel Club immediate if errors are found.

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