Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Keep Your Pygmy Goat Happy

Pygmy goats are a popular farm-animal pet.

For animal enthusiasts interested in joining the farm-animal world, pygmy goats are a good "entry level" choice. They're friendly and easy to care for, and their foraging eliminates any need for a lawnmower. Keeping pygmy goats happy is easy; their requirements are very simple. Proper and clean housing, good food, companions and amusement are all your pygmy goats need to keep them content.


1. Keep several goats at one time. Goats are social creatures, so the first step in keeping your pygmy goat happy is to have more than one. A companion also encourages activity in the form of play. Be sure to have at least two goats at all times.

2. Find a veterinarian. You'll need a veterinarian who works with farm animals in particular; the typical small-animal veterinarian may not know about the special health concerns of goats.

3. Provide a shelter for your goats that's dry and able to withstand wind. Pygmies require around 20 square feet of space per goat, so the size of your shed will be dictated by the size of your herd. You can build your own or adapt something (a horse trailer or a commercially built shed, for example) for the purpose. Add shelves about 2 feet from the floor for sleeping areas. Hay boxes should also be raised above the floor. Ensure that the shed has excellent drainage to avoid moisture buildup.

4. Feed your goats hay and grain and allow them access to suitable forage (bushes, tall grass). You can buy hay and appropriate grain feed at your local feed store. If your veterinarian recommends it, you can add dietary supplements to your goats' diet to ensure they're getting proper nutrition. Make sure to provide access to ample clean water.

5. Build your goats an enclosed paddock, with fencing at least 4 feet high. Make part of it into a playground containing obstacles, high surfaces and toys for your goats to interact with. Old tires, tree stumps or large logs, sturdy crates or large stones will all please your goats. They like to climb and jump, so having various levels of ground to run over will keep them in shape.

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