Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Start A Fundraiser For Haiti

Haiti's administrative and health systems were destroyed.

Unfortunately the problems in Haiti caused by the earthquake of January, 2010 have not gone away. This was one of the poorest countries in the world, and the poorest in the Americas, according to the BBC, even before the devastation caused by this natural disaster. Haiti has a population of 10 million, and a high rate of poverty and the illnesses associated with this. Natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes had struck before, and the country was no stranger to political turmoil. The international community and the United Nations responded in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, but other disasters come along and media attention soon turns away. This makes the need for continuing fundraising for Haiti all the more important.


1. Appoint a small fundraising committee, with a chairperson and a treasurer. Choose people who have appropriate experience, such as a previous fundraising experience, or a business background. Discuss exactly where you are going to donate the money raised. There are numerous organizations involved in rescue and rebuild projects. The American Institute of Philanthropy publishes a register of charitable organizations. Your local churches may also advise you.

2. Brainstorm in your committee for original and effective fundraising schemes. You can hold a series of bake sales, coffee mornings, talent concerts and talent shows, for instance. Decide whether to hold several fairly small events or go for one big fundraiser. The big event will be more taxing to organize. Focus on the main goal -- to raise funds -- but also aim to entertain and give something back to the people attending.

3. Set a time for your fundraising activities and a target sum. Publicize the events. Call in any free local expertise in making posters, or mail-shots. Ask a local Haitian person or a person who has worked there to talk to your group.

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