Monday, March 16, 2015

Get A Tonu In Neopets

Get a Tonu in Neopets

In the world of Neopets, many pets are available to be created at any time, while other special-edition species are released only once in a while. Tonu, the rhinoceros-like Neopet from Tyrannia, is one of those special edition creatures.


1. Go to the Neopets "Create a Pet" page to see if you can get one of the limited edition Tonu Neopets that are released every day. Neopets releases between 50 and 500 Tonus each day, usually around midnight. If you are lucky enough to get there when Tonu Neopets are still available, you'll be able to select a Tonu from the "Create a Pet" menu.

2. Buy a morphing potion to turn your Neopet into a Tonu. Use the Neopets Shop Wizard search engine to browse for Tonu morphing potions to get the best deal. Once you've purchased the potion, give it to your Neopet to drink and it will turn into a Tonu.

3. Wait for February 21st. In Neopia, each Neopets species is given their own day of celebration. During that day, extra limited-edition Neopets like Tonu are available. If you decide to wait, just head to the "Create a Pet" page on February 21st to claim your Tonu.

4. Adopt a Tonu from the Neopian pound. The Neopian pound is one of the best resources for Neopets users looking for limited edition or restricted Neopets. Simply go to the Neopian pound, browse for a Tonu and choose one to adopt. You will be required to pay an adoption fee that varies based on the adopted Tonu's stats.

5. Use the Secret Lab Ray to turn one of your Neopets into a Tonu. The Secret Lab Ray is a powerful lab ray hidden on Mystery Island that can be used to change the species, gender and stats of your Neopet. To get the Secret Lab Ray, you must first collect the nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. After you've collected the pieces and gained access to the Secret Lab Ray, you can visit it once per day.

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