Monday, March 9, 2015

Laws Of Owning A Pitbull In California

Some cities require spaying and neutering of pit bulls.

The dangers posed by unwanted and stray pit bulls and pit bull mixes on the street and in animal shelters, along with the attacks by vicious dogs, have prompted California's legislators to focus their attention on restricting pit bull ownership. While most California law does not refer to specific breeds, but rather to vicious animals, some cities have adopted sterilization laws aimed toward pit bull dogs.

Breeding Permit Requirements

The state of California allows its cities to place restrictions on pit bull ownership. The cities can choose to make owners of pit pulls sterilize their pit bulls to prevent reproduction. All pit bull dog owners within a city that has adopted this requirement must adhere to the requirement or obtain and purchase a permit allowing the dog to maintain its reproductive abilities.

Locations with Restrictions

The following areas in California all have regulations pertaining to the sterilization of pit bulls or the housing of vicious dogs: Lake County, Lancaster, Manteca, Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, Point Hueneme, Ripon, Sacramento, Barstow, Gilroy, Lancaster, Manteca, San Bernardino, San Francisco and Sonoma County. Santa Monica specifically names pit bulls in its regulations for owning a vicious dog and requires that the breed be leashed and muzzled if taken out of its pen for any reason.


Permits to exempt sterilization are not granted simply by request. Most sterilization laws for pit bulls in California require specific criteria for gaining a permit. Only show dogs, police dogs and other work dogs that are registered and meet the breed standard set by kennel associations may be considered for a permit.


Most areas allow owners a 90-day period to comply with the law after it is placed into effect. Those who have not cooperated within the given amount of time can be charged a fine up to $500. If the matter is not addressed, owners may also face a misdemeanor charge.

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