Thursday, March 19, 2015

Make A Pet With The Disney Channel

If your parents won't let you have a real pet, you can create a Disney pet, also known as an Animod. Animods are virtual pets that you can create for free using an online portal. Creating a pet only takes minutes and is as simple as clicking a mouse button. You can create as many Animods as you like and also share your creation with others.


1. Visit the official Disney Channel website. Click the "Create" tab that is located at the top of the page.

2. Click the "Apps" option.

3. Click the arrows at the top of the page to scroll through the pets you can make. Click the pet you would like to create. For instance, you can create a bat, cat, bird, frog, dog or hamster.

4. Click "Skip" to skip the Animods tutorial section. Click "Play."

5. Type a name for your pet in the "Name" box. Click "OK."

6. Start creating your pet. Click the gear icon that is located on the toolbar to drag and drop pre-made body parts onto your pet. To create your own body parts from scratch, click the marker icon from the toolbar. Click the colors on the color wheel to customize colors on your pet.

7. Click "Save" when you are finished creating your pet. You will be prompted to enter your Disney account ID and password. If you have never used the site before, click the button labeled "Sign Up To Create Your Account." You will then be able to create an account ID and password.

8. Click "Print" to print your Animod. To save a picture of your pet to your computer, click "Snapshot."

9. Click "Play" to watch your pet come to life. On the play screen, you will see icons that you can click to assign behaviors to your pet, such as sleeping, eating and barking.

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