Monday, March 23, 2015

Report Inhome Elder Neglect

Elder neglect can occur in the home.

Reporting in-home elder neglect when you suspect it or see it taking place is something that we must do. If we do not report adult abuse and neglect when we see the signs of it, we silently participate in the abuse by doing nothing about it. Many states have laws requiring the report of neglect or abuse if you see it.


1. Watch the elder who lives at home carefully. Look for signs of emotional and physical neglect and keep track by writing down what happened and when. Signs of abuse and neglect can include if the senior is suddenly unkempt, acts jumpy, is dehydrated or has a change of appetite. You may also see unusual bruises or find that the elder breaks bones.

2. Report neglect immediately to the police if it is life threatening.

Report neglect immediately if the situation appears life threatening by calling the local police or 911. If you see that an elder has broken bones, bruising or bleeding, then they must get care right away.

3. Contact a state agency that cares for the elderly in your area if the neglect or abuse does not appear to be life threatening. The National Center on Elder Abuse website gives the Eldercare Locator number at (800) 677-1116. This number will help you locate an agency in your area. Tell your local agency the elder's name, what kind of neglect you think may be taking place and where they live.

4. An elderly adult may be abused at home.

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