Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Give A Speech On Animal Cruelty

Give a Speech on Animal Cruelty

Speaking out against animal cruelty may not be easy for everyone. No matter how passionate you are about the subject, it can be hard to articulate your thoughts and convince others to listen to you and consider your words. Use your passion to help you out when giving a speech about the cruelties done to animals.


Writing the Speech

1. Make a list of points you want to hit in the speech. Some ideas include fur, the meat industry, shark finning, circuses, pet overpopulation, laboratory experiments, animal testing, hunting, foie gras and other "delicacies," Australian wool, dog fighting and neglect of pets.

2. Put together a rough draft of the speech. When writing, speak from the heart. If you come from an angle that puts a face on animal cruelty, it's easier for people to identify with it.

3. Get your facts straight. Facts, and facts alone, win some people over, so doing your research will help you here. Interject facts into every section of the speech.

4. Offer solutions to problems. For example, people can attend protests, call their representatives, sign petitions, donate to animal groups, get their pets spayed or neutered, boycott restaurants and circuses and stop buying brands that are not cruelty-free (or fur-free, as far as clothing lines are concerned).

Giving the Speech

5. Let your passion show. Passion can motivate a person to do something they normally wouldn't. If someone is passionate enough about industry standards of meat production, they'll "go veg" and stop eating meat to take a stand.

6. Keep eye contact with members of the audience. This is a tip for any public speaking engagement. When you do this, you are actively involving members of the audience and they are more likely to listen and stay focused.

7. Ask if anyone has any questions periodically throughout your speech. This will give audience members a chance to get more information if they need something clarified.

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