Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Feed A Tiger

Caring for a tiger is no easy task, and feeding this large cat is a major component of that care. Tigers have huge appetites to match their broad, powerful bodies, eating up to 40 pounds of meat daily if they can find it. Since domesticated tigers rely on humans to provide their meals, it is up to caretakers to ensure a nutritious, meaty diet full of the vitamins these mammals need to thrive.


1. Stock up on foods high in protein and fat for your tiger, primarily meats, since they need this mix to stay healthy. The tiger's diet should also be rich in niacin, nicotinic acid, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B; all are essential for large cat breeds.

2. Figure out how much to feed your tiger by calculating 4 to 6 percent of her body weight in pounds, which averages out to about 9 to 18 pounds of meat per day.

3. Decide whether you are going to give the tiger a prepared diet or create a chunk meat diet of your own.

4. For a prepared diet, buy frozen beef or horse meat links from a slaughterhouse, or canned food made especially for tigers in captivity, which is sold by zoo food vendors. Add meat bones to the prepared diet to boost your tiger's oral health.

5. If you want to prepare your own chunk meat diet, slice the meat (beef, horse, rabbit and lamb are all good picks) with a butcher's saw, then weigh it.

6. Feed your tiger two to three times per day, following the body-weight calculation to determine quantity. Serve the food on stainless steel plates, which will not stain the tiger's teeth as aluminum dishes can.

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