Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Delete A Sims File On Nintendo Ds

Delete a Sims File on Nintendo DS

Whether you are playing "The Sims 2"or "The Sims 2: Castaway" or even "The Urbz," there is one common game design element that ties all of the "Sims" titles for Nintendo DS together: They only allow one saved game at a time. Furthermore, once you start a new game and it saves, there is no way to delete that game through traditional means. However, there is a way for you to wipe your old game, and it's as easy as selecting "New Game" on the main menu.


"Deleting" Your Sims 2 Save on DS

1. Insert your "The Sims 2" game card into the Nintendo DS system and turn it on. Depending on your settings, the game will either boot automatically or you will see a white screen telling you to select either the game, an options menu or "Pictochat." Select the game and continue.

2. Allow the game a few moments to load. Once it loads you will be taken to the main menu, which has a series of options. Select "New Game."

3. Create a character as though you were beginning a new game of "The Sims 2." If you are wiping your old game because you intend to sell it, just select "Next" once this screen appears to save the character.

4. Confirm to the game that you want to override your old game file. This will save your "New" game over your old one and take you to the city overview screen.

5. Turn off your Nintendo DS to complete the override.

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