Friday, March 20, 2015

Giga Pet Cheats

Giga Pets are a series of virtual pets played with using a hand-held device. Featuring virtual representations of several different animals, Giga Pets required players to treat them as they would real animals. Positive treatment is reinforced with good virtual health and behavior. Ignoring a Giga Pet's needs results in poor discipline and mood. There are several actions players can take to promote the positive growth of their Giga Pet.


Access the "Score" icon to display the status of your Giga Pet. Using the left and right arrow buttons, highlight the "Score" icon and press enter to view this page. The "Score" page displays the age, health, weight, happiness, hunger, discipline, and total score of your pet. On a range of 0 (bad) to 99 (great), it will list the status of your pet and hint at areas you should focus on. For example, if the Giga Pet has a fairly low hunger level of 20, you should feed him immediately to bolster that score.

Play Games

Play games with your Giga Pet. Doing so increases its happiness and health greatly. Although the game varies specific to the particular Giga Pet, all of them are based on the same scheme that utilizes the hand-held's left and right arrows. For the Digital Doggie game, quickly press left or right arrow in the direction of the ball that appears onscreen. When playing with the Baby T-Rex, rapidly press either the left or right arrow multiple times in the mouse's direction to chase him for 20 seconds. In the Floppy Frog game, alternately press the left and right arrow to charge your pet's frog jump. Once fully charged, press either the left or right arrow to complete an acrobatic leap out of the water.

Visit the Doctor

If your pet is lying down and is unresponsive to most activities, then it is probably sick. Take your Giga Pet to the doctor to boost its health. Be careful to schedule only one trip to the doctor a day, as your pet will not want to go to the doctor. Frequent requests to the doctor will result in your pet refusing to go, dropping its discipline points even further.

Go to Sleep

When putting your Giga Pet to sleep, be sure to cut off the lights on the hand-held. Doing so increases his happiness levels along with his overall health.

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