Friday, October 23, 2015

Funding For Medical Procedures For Pets

You might be able to get help paying for your pets' medical needs.

Animal lovers and good pet owners gladly take on the responsibility of making sure that pets are properly cared for and receiving preventive veterinary care. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most attentive pet owners cannot afford the care a pet needs for unexpected injuries and severe ailments. The good news is that many organizations provide funding for medical procedures for pets.

Humane Organizations And Public Animal Shelters

Most cities and towns have at least one public animal shelter run by the local department of animal control. In some areas you may also find privately owned facilities with similar services. Such organizations take in stray and wounded creatures and put them up for adoption or back into the wild once they have been nursed back to health. People who adopt such animals are often offered veterinary care at discounted prices. These facilities may also offer partial funding or reduced prices for low-income pet owners as well. Some of the services provided by humane societies and animal shelters include basic inoculations, neutering, spaying and microchip implantation.

Veterinary Credit Cards

When pet emergencies strike, you might be able to obtain an immediate line of veterinary credit in your vet's office. Most offices nationwide accept "CareCredit" and keep a supply of applications handy. CareCredit is a credit card company that offers 24-hour service and instant approvals -- subject to credit check -- for emergency veterinary procedures. If your pet is suffering from a life-threatening injury or illness that demands immediate care you cannot afford, ask your vet about this service. Approved applicants pay the debt in low monthly installments with reasonable interest rates.

Specific Breed and Animal Disease Foundations

Depending on the breed or ailment of your pet, you may be eligible to receive funding from a disease or breed-specific foundation. Numerous not-for-profit animal disease research organizations provide veterinary funding or services to owners of certain breeds of cats and dogs or pets that suffer from particular ailments. In Chicago, the Anti-Cruelty Society runs a low-income pet clinic and offers free spaying and neutering and discount vaccinations and microchips for pit bulls through its "Pit Pals" program. "Cats In Crisis Inc." offers funding to individuals and animal welfare organizations for feline veterinary care. The nonprofit organization "Canine Cancer Awareness" assists low-income pet owners with dogs that are afflicted with various kinds of cancer.

Pet Insurance

A basic pet insurance policy can a lifesaver when your dog or cat is struck with a medical condition that requires expensive treatments. Much like health insurance for humans, a pet insurance policy requires you to make low monthly payments that cover predetermined amounts of funding for animal medical procedures. In most instances you are required to pay a deductible at the time of service.

Pet Grants

If you are a senior citizen or the head of a low-income household, you may be able to obtain funding for medical procedures for your pets at no cost. You'll find numerous nonprofit animal welfare organizations nationwide that award grants to the poor and elderly as well as grants to people who rescue injured and homeless strays. Some of the foundations that award veterinary care grants are The United Animal Nations, The Pet Fund For Domestic Animals and Lifeline Rescue Grants.

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